The Best of Santa Barbara & Montecito Living

Santa Barbara and Montecito living

Santa Barbara and Montecito: A lifestyle worth living!

Santa Barbara and Montecito provide the ultimate lifestyle: culture, cuisine and incredible weather allowing for indoor/outdoor living. World class educational institutions as well as five-star resorts are sprinkeled along our coastlines and foothills while luxurious shops and envigorating outdoor activities lie just a stones through from each other. To visit Santa Barbara is to fall in lust with all it has to offer, but to live in this most enchanting city is to truly fall in love.

Proud to call yourself a Santa Barbaran? Take our poll and tell us why you fell in love with the area. Day dreaming about living in the town of the endless summer? We want to know which aspect of our most enviable lifestyle would make you visit and never leave!


“My Home Is My Castle” Understanding American Real Estate Needs

Unique in many ways, American’s have a variety of characteristics which set their lifestyle apart from the rest of the world. One of Americans’ most distinctive lifestyle choices is their home – no surprise – as Americans covet their personal time and space. Inman News contributor Bernice Ross recently delved into the unique real estate needs of Americans. During her account of the four basic needs of American real estate, Riskin Associates noticed a trend, Montecito real estate easily covers all the bases: safety, privacy, size and retreat.

1. Safety. Americans consider safety one of their top concerns. Safe neighborhoods for children and home security systems are important amenities American’s rarely compromise on. Particularly in the luxury real estate market, increased safety precautions and a high-end security system is often the standard and expected among wealthy home buyers.

Protective gates provide privacy to this Montecito estate. This magnificent French Chateau is set behind it’s own private entry gates. Before arriving at the gates of the Chateau, visitors to lavish the entertainer’s estate must identify themselves at the Birnam Wood Country Club’s manned community gates.

Offered at $13,900,000.

State-of-the-art home secuirty systems protect this fabulous Italian Villa in Montecito.

Surrounded by protective gates, this newer Italian villa boasts a state-of-the-art home security system. For security reasons (natch), we can’t disclose the brand or extensive features of the system. Offered at $17,750,000.

2. “Top of the Heap.” Hilltop properties are often valued higher than low-lying properties becaues being higher up exudes a “powerful” facade. Also, having extended visibility (apart from providing a stunning view) often allows people to feel increased safety. These two Montecito properties provide that extended hilltop advantage (and that million-dollar view).

A hill top view provides this Montecito estate a stunning ocean view.

The incredible ocean-view may be the most obvious advantage of this hill top estate, but the safety and privacy advantages are also (almost) priceless. Offered at $9,875,000

A rustic hill-top retreat

Surrounded by 5+ private, hill-top acres, this luxurious rustic retreat‘s location affords a view as far as the eye can see.

Offered at $6,495,000.

Supersize. Another point of rare surprise: Americans’ belief in “bigger is better” translates to their property as well. Whenever possible, Americans prefer bigger homes, bigger cars and bigger televisions. You name it, Americans would supersize it. The following properties are just plain big.

An expansive French Provincial estate in Montecito with ocean and mountain views.

On over nine lush and private acres, there is nothing miniscule about this coveted Montecito estate. An approximately 12,000sf main residence overlooks expansive lawns, gardens and a private lake. Offered at $27,000,000.

AN expansive equestrian property in Santa Barbara

This approx. 13 acre equestrian property features multiple guest structures, horse facilities, tennis court and two pools.

Offered at $18,200,000.

4. “My home is my castle.” Americans covet their personal time and their privacy and view their home as their retreat from the stresses of daily life. A home in a quiet, tranquil setting is often a major priority for Americans. These two properties embody the stress-free living Americans strive toward.

Enchanting gardens and a tranquil location in Montectio.

This magical English Manor‘s private location is renowned in Montecito to be tranquil and quiet. Serene ocean views and enchanting gardens define the estate’s placid aura. Offered at $7,995,000.

A tranquil zen garden surrounds this Montecito home.

Zen gardens and trickling fountains surround this chic contemporary home near Montecito’s Lower Village. While the location is desireably close to luxurious shops, restaurants, hotels and beaches, the floor plan allows for California-style indoor/outdoor entertaining and living. Ocean vistas and tranquil grounds create the ideal retreat from hectic daily life. Offered at $5,495,000.