How Does Housing Make You Feel?

The start of a New Year tends to bring our awareness to the future, causing us to reflect upon the state and future states of our most pressing affairs. Be it our business, our finances or our fitness, the first of the year always gets us revved up to make the 12 months ahead better than the previous. The housing market, which remained of particular interest throughout 2013, appears to have maintained it’s position in the forefront of the minds of the general public for 2014.‘s Tory Barringer reports on the housing market’s standing in the eyes of consumers.

According to Tory’s article, consumers are feeling the warm and fuzzies toward the market, with attitudes on solid ground toward the end of last year with a whopping 49% (up from 45% last year and 43% the year prior) expecting prices increase over the next year and only 9% predicting a decrease. The price change expectation is returning to pre-government shut down levels, hovering around 3.2%. Of particular note were the gains in price expectations and attitudes about the current selling market as well as increased optimism regarding acquiring a mortgage, which is at the highest level of the 3 and a half year duration of the survey.

With morale high for the coming year, Riskin Associates will continue to report on the current and future states of the real estate market.


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