The Luxury Market Goes To The Young and the Wealthy!

The National Association of Realtors has reported on a very intriguing study conducted by the Luxury Institute, which found those who are driving the luxury real estate market are not those middle-aged CEO’s but younger buyers with a fresh take on what is “in” in luxury real estate. Looking at young buyers aged 21 or older with a minimum income of $250,000, the survey concludes that these young buyers are willing to pay more than buyers of similar wealth but aged over 55. On average, young buyers spent over $2 million on their most recent residential property purchase which was almost twice as much as older buyers spent! The article by RealtorMag quotes the CEO of the Luxury Institute:

“Luxury homes are for more than successful and retired empty nesters,” says Milton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute. “Today’s luxury buyer is both dynamic and diverse, and it’s reflected in the homes and products they’re buying.”

However, it’s not just how much young buyers are spending, but also what they are spending it on that is of note. The amenities at the top of most young buyer’s wish lists are outdoor kitchens, gyms, home theater systems and garages to house 4+ cars! These amenities all showcase the desire to lead active lifestyles, raise families or entertain in their homes and make the most of their purchases. Despite these new age desires, the oldest adage in real estate still applies: Location, location, location! Location is still the most important factor in property purchases, with only 6% of young buyers purchasing homes outside of the U.S.

Calling all you young buyers looking for the perfect property! Take a peek into these luxury Riskin Associates properties and tell us, do you see something you like?

A home gym in a Santa Barbara estate

Home gyms are among the most desired luxury amenities.

This contemporary Montecito property boasts one of the most luxurious outdoor dining areas.

This contemporary Montecito property boasts one of the most luxurious outdoor dining areas.

This Mediterranean estate boasts a theater with stadium seating and an adjacent wet bar.


Wine cellars also make the list!



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