California Home Prices? They’re up too!

Riskin Associates Montecito Listing

The economy is up! Housing prices are up! It’s time sit back and relax!

News is spreading quickly that the US economy is rapidly approaching a full-blown recovery! All over the country people are gaining confidence in their investments and are returning to their pre-recession economic standings. Housing markets, unemployment and the stock market are returning to levels which reflect a healthy economy, and everyone is feeling the warm and fuzzies. Californian’s in particular are jumping for joy as across the state homeowners are watching their home values skyrocket.  Leverage Global Partners is reporting that this time last year, the average home value was $320,990. But 2013 is blowing that number out of the water, with an over $100K increase to $428,510! Thats 33% in one year!  Aside from the rise of home prices, other factors also indicate a strengthening market. Riskin Associates recently reported that a pick up in the luxury home market indicates confidence of affluent demographics in the economy as “discretionary spending” increases. Riskin Associates is excited by the news of increasing home prices in California and across the nation!


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